Do I need to be home when you wash my house?

Q. Do I need to be at home when you wash my house? A. No. In fact we prefer you not be there. It is less likely for somebody to get a dose of soap and water by coming in and out of house while we are washing. Often, an empty home means no cars in […]

What is the height of my house?

Q. How many stories does my home have? A. Most of the time, this is an easy question to answer. For us, we are most concerned with total overall height at highest point of the house. Some of you might have what you consider a two story home. But if it is sitting on a walkout […]

How do you calculate the area to be washed?

Q. How is the square footage determined when estimating price for pressure washing my house? A. We use the homes interior square footage of living space plus any attached Garage. If you don’t know your square footage, we can figure it out for you. Generally add 250 sqft for one car garage and 500 sqft for […]

Why don’t you clean just one side of my house?

Q. Why won’t you wash just one side of my house? A. There are multiple reasons why partial house washes are not a good idea. Most of the time a partial wash is requested due to customer assuming that it will simply cost less. The cost difference between a partial and full is so minimal […]

FAQ Amazon Deal

Hi there! Welcome to the Question and answer page for the deals you have seen on Amazon. There are always a few questions folks have, so I hope that this page will address some of those for you. Q.  The deal states it is only good up to 1500 sqft. How is that calculated? A. […]