Partial house washing often raises questions and misconceptions among homeowners. In debunking these myths, it’s essential to understand the importance of comprehensive cleaning for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your home’s exterior.

Partial House Washing Myths

One common misconception is that partial washing is sufficient to maintain cleanliness. However, this approach neglects areas prone to grime and mold buildup, leading to uneven results and potential long-term damage. By addressing only certain sections, you risk leaving behind hidden contaminants that can spread and worsen over time.

Q. Why won’t you wash just one side of my house?

A. There are multiple reasons why partial house washes are not a good idea. Most of the time a partial wash is requested due to customers assuming that it will simply cost less. The cost difference between a partial and full is so minimal that it doesn’t even make any financial sense to not have whole house washed.


The majority of the cost in washing a house is due to unseen factors of simply being in business. Insurances, employee related expenses, equipment maintenance, marketing, website, utilities, shop rent, phones, fuel, training, detergents, travel time etc, all are still necessary regardless of washing one side or all sides of a home.

The technicians still need to travel to the property, still need to unroll all the hoses, still need to mix detergents, still need to allow the dwell time before a rinse that would normally occur while soaping another side of the home, still have to roll up all hoses again.

Generally, the request for one side wash is the dirtiest side, which during an entire house wash, would have taken the longest amount of time. So, you see that doing the rest of house only adds a minimal amount of time. Thus the cost difference is of no impact.

Clean Quality..

The quality of clean and longevity of staying clean is hindered when partial washes are done. As well as our method of washing making it likely to see clean streaks on the adjoining sides that customer may feel isn’t dirty when in fact it is. Our low pressure process involves applying detergents that can splash onto adjoining “clean” sides and leave streaks.

Those sides of the house that customer feels doesn’t need washing, do in fact have the same mildew that the dirty sides have. It just isn’t thriving in the same way that it thrives on the north-west side that it builds up to large colonies of mold and algae. If it isn’t killed and removed, the rest of house becomes infested quicker and the clean isn’t as long lasting.


Often, the request for a partial wash comes from a failed attempt at DIY washing. Some customers think that this is a no-brainer, easy to do washing procedure. Then they find out that they can’t reach above their heads with the pressure washing wand. They find ladders to give you that uneasy feeling while several feet up and trying to hold the ladder and the wand with the three hands they don’t posses.

That’s when they call us and say “I just need the second story done, I have already done the bottom.” Well, due to a thing called gravity, we can’t wash the upper without also washing the lower. Most likely, our detergents and cleaning process would just leave cleaner streaks in the area below.

So, in summary, there is no savings doing just one side or just the “high spots”. We want to give you the most service for your money. We want to give you a quality of clean that lasts longer.