To Calculate the area to be washed is crucial for effective planning and resource allocation in cleaning tasks, whether it’s pressure washing a driveway, scrubbing floors, or washing exterior walls. The process typically involves assessing the surface area that needs cleaning and considering various factors to ensure thorough coverage.

To calculate the area to be washed:

Firstly, measure the length and width of the area using a tape measure or digital measuring tool. For irregular shapes, break the area into smaller, more manageable sections and measure each separately. Multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage of each section.

Next, consider any obstacles or features that may affect the cleaning process, such as windows, doors, or landscaping. Subtract the square footage of these areas from the total to get an accurate estimate of the surface area to be washed.

Additionally, account for any vertical surfaces or overhead structures that require cleaning, as these will contribute to the overall area. Take measurements vertically as well as horizontally to calculate the total surface area to be washed.

Finally, factor in any additional considerations such as the type of surface to be cleaned, the level of dirt or grime present, and any special cleaning requirements. This comprehensive approach ensures that the area to be washed is accurately assessed, allowing for efficient and effective cleaning operations.

Q. How is the square footage determined when estimating price for pressure washing my house?

A. We use the homes interior square footage of living space plus any attached Garage. If you don’t know your square footage, we can figure it out for you. Generally add 250 sqft for one car garage and 500 sqft for two car garage.

This method gives us a guide to figure average exterior surface area that actually gets pressure washed. Most folks know their homes living space square footage but wouldn’t be aware of how high and long exterior walls are. We feel this number is the easiest for customers to provide to quickly and efficiently get a price quote. Since we know average wall height per house level, we are able to give a fairly accurate estimation.

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