Determining the height of my house involves various considerations, depending on whether you’re referring to the physical height of the structure or the number of stories it encompasses.

So, What is the height of my house?

Physically, the height of your house is typically measured from the ground level to the highest point of the roof. This measurement can vary based on architectural features such as dormers, chimneys, or any additional structures that extend above the main roofline.

Q. How many stories does my home have?

A. Most of the time, this is an easy question to answer. For us, we are most concerned with total overall height at highest point of the house. Some of you might have what you consider a two story home. But if it is sitting on a walkout finished basements, we consider it three stories high. It is that height that makes a difference for us in determining a washing price. You can imagine how much more wash area an extra story of height can add. As well as the extra effort to reach a third story versus a two story home.

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