Hi there! Welcome to the Question and answer page for the deals you have seen on Amazon. There are always a few questions folks have, so I hope that this page will address some of those for you.

Q.  The deal states it is only good up to 1500 sqft. How is that calculated?

A.  We use the homes interior square footage of living space plus any attached Garage. If you don’t know your square footage, we can figure it out for you. Generally add 250 sqft for one car garage and 500 sqft for two car garage.

Q.  I only need one or two sides of my house washed, can I use the deal on my 4000 sqft home for just the two sides needing cleaned?

A.  No. Simply put, the entire home is actually dirty and our process gets soap on the adjoining sides and will show clean spots or streaks. Also, if the vinyl siding is only on an upper level with brick/stone on lower level, we still have to rinse entire home making the brick/stone portion no different in terms of time needed to wash house.

Q.  Why is there extra charge for three story homes?

A.  The taller the home is, the more susceptible to factors such as wind and overspray. These factors either take more soap and/or time to overcome. Also, often times, require re-scheduling due to windy conditions.

Q.  I saw your deal on Amazon, but have never heard of you, can I trust you?

A. As Lexington’s ONLY pressure washing company to win the Angie’s List Super Service Award, I am positive, you won’t find a better company for your pressure washing needs. We are members of the UAMCC and PWRA, both industry organizations. We attend and sometimes teach at these National Organizations conferences and conventions. We are also members of Local First Lexington.


Q.  Can I get an estimate of my investment BEFORE purchasing a deal or voucher?

A.  Of course. Simply fill out our easy to use online estimate form. We will get you an accurate quote for your washing needs.

Of course, if there are other questions, you can simply fill out the form on our contact page.

Thanks for considering us for your washing needs.


Michael Kreisle