De “FENCE” for Your Fence

Defense for Your Fence Blog Image

There are many things that add beauty to your home’s exterior. Privacy fences way to beautify your outdoor space adding a sense of security and safety, along with a visual aesthetic that gives you and your family space to entertain and relax. Whether wood fencing or vinyl/composite fencing, it is exposed to day to day […]

Dirty Concrete? We can help…

Dirty Concrete Blog Image

Power washing services aren’t just for houses. We can clean most things around your property. Concrete and stone driveways, sidewalks, and patios are a large part of our services that help improve your home’s curb appeal. Like everything else, concrete and stone get dirty…like really filthy. Think about all the dirt and grime from cars, […]

First Choice Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact Blog Image

It’s important to consider the environmental impact a company has especially when chemicals are being used.  Some things to consider when you are choosing your power washing company… Does the company follow all Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines? What happens with the water that is used during cleaning? How does the company protect landscaping and foliage […]

Getting to the Root of your Roof Issues

Roof maintenance is important to the overall structure of your home.  If something’s wrong with the roof, it could lead to lots of other issues INSIDE and OUTSIDE of your home.  Roof maintenance should include keeping it free from the damaging effects of dirt, mold, mildew, moss, and algae.  These issues left unchecked could result […]

What is that Stuff on the Side of my House?

Dark Algae on Vinyl Siding

Is your house looking a little dusty? dirty? grimey? Do you have green, brown, and black streaks or stains on your siding and gutters? Mold, mildew, and algae can make your home look dirty and run-down. It’s important to remove these stains to keep the look of your home fresh and clean. First let’s identify […]

The Best Impression-Every Time

Technician Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Stuff has to be cleaned, right?  Whether we like it or not-houses, vehicles,and places of business all need to be cleaned.  Wouldn’t it be nice to set everything up on a routine schedule and have someone else take care of it?  Of course it would!  At First Choice, we know that your time, as a […]

How to Hang the “Sold” Sign

Every realtor wants to place that “SOLD” sign on their client’s property. As a realtor, there’s probably a long list of “to-do’s” to suggest to a seller that could improve their overall experience and get them the best price on their home. There are tons of recommendations for the inside of the home: Paint Lighting […]

The Customer To-Do:

What preparations need to be made before my power washing service? You’ve scheduled your power washing service…now what?   There are some preparations that need to be made so that you and the technician can have the best possible experience.   Remove screens:  If a window cleaning is included in the services for your property, make sure […]