What power washing preparations need to be made before service?

You’ve scheduled your power washing service…now what?

Some pre-power washing preparations need to be made so that you and the technician can have the best possible experience:

  1. Remove screens: If window cleaning is included in the services for your property, make sure all of your screens are removed from the windows. Otherwise, we will not be able to clean the windows properly.
  2. Move furniture: All patio/porch furniture (tables, chairs, decor) must be removed from areas being cleaned. Our goal is to be quick and efficient.  Most of the time, our technicians are flying solo-so having your furniture moved allows them to do their job without extra labor.  
  3. Make sure water connections are functioning:  All exterior water connections should be functioning and easily accessible.
  4. Close windows: Make sure all windows are closed and sealed-that way no water comes inside the house.
  5. Make note of any damage pre-wash: Take a walk around your property and the areas to be cleaned.  Take note of any pre-existing damage such as warping, scratches, broken pieces, etc. Do you want to know more about possible water damage? Check out the blog from Easypro Property Services for things to look for!

Having this list taken care of will ensure you have the best experience with us and allows us to focus on removing the mold, mildew and algae from your home’s exterior, wood, and concrete surfaces.