Do I really have to hire a professional to do my power washing?

The short answer is “YES!”  Why?  Because professionals like First Choice know and understand all the details of power washing. And we get it done right, the first time. We get it-everyone wants to save money…and anyone can go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a pressure washer.  But let’s ask a few questions:    […]

How to Hang the “Sold” Sign

Every realtor wants to place that “SOLD” sign on their client’s property. As a realtor, there’s probably a long list of “to-do’s” to suggest to a seller that could improve their overall experience and get them the best price on their home. There are tons of recommendations for the inside of the home: Paint Lighting […]

The Customer To-Do:

What preparations need to be made before my power washing service? You’ve scheduled your power washing service…now what?   There are some preparations that need to be made so that you and the technician can have the best possible experience.   Remove screens:  If a window cleaning is included in the services for your property, make sure […]

Why is Curb Appeal so Important?

What are things that you take notice of as your drive through your neighborhood?  Lawns, styles of houses, landscaping?   First impressions are everything, aren’t they?  The things that you take notice of are the same things that potential buyers take notice of as well.  Curb appeal is important!  Why? Because it’s your home’s first impression.  […]

Home Exterior: How often does it need cleaned?

It’s a picturesque scene… A beautifully landscaped lawn… Fresh flowers and mulch… New porch furniture and pillows… Everything looking fresh and clean… You mentally pat yourself on the back as your eyes move up to your home, your castle, your casa.  Then your picture-perfect scene comes to a screeching halt.  Ugly, black and green stuff […]

The 411 on Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

COVID-19-it’s everywhere. Your tv, radio, emails, and your social media feeds. At EasyPro, we’re here to provide you with helpful, factual information on viruses (in general) and how our process aids in the clean up. This information does relate to most viruses including Coronavirus. Here’s the technical stuff: Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) virus is not […]

Vinyl siding cleaning extreme.

This was an example of a very neglected vinyl sided homes exterior. The north-northwest side was covered in mold, mildew and algae. Not a problem for the best Vinyl Siding Cleaning service in Lexington KY.