First Choice Environmental Impact

It’s important to consider the environmental impact a company has especially when chemicals are being used.  Some things to consider when you are choosing your power washing company…

  • Does the company follow all Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines?
  • What happens with the water that is used during cleaning?
  • How does the company protect landscaping and foliage on a property?

At First Choice, we are very mindful of our impact on the environment. We want you to feel like you have made the best decision when you choose us. Here’s why:

  • Our system of draining follows all Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) guidelines so you can be sure when the wash water hits the ground, there is no negative impact on groundwater or sewers.
  • As pros, we have spent considerable time exploring the right blends of cleaning agents that are biodegradable and effective, but will not harm landscaping.  
  • We water down all landscaping BEFORE and AFTER the job to ensure that nothing

Being “green” minded isn’t difficult.  We want to do our best to keep the environment around us safe and give you the best experience possible. Don’t trust just anyone with your exterior cleaning needs…make us your First Choice.