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Happy Earth Day

Did you know pressure Washing uses less water that just using a garden hose? So, pressure washing is earth friendly!

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Safe Tennis Court Pressure Washing

Safe cleaning on Tennis Courts in Lexington KY. Our detergent based method allows us to use a lower pressure, higher flow system to safely wash the surface of tennis courts.

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Do I need to be home when you wash my house?

Q. Do I need to be at home when you wash my house? A. No. In fact we prefer you not be there. It is less likely for somebody to get a dose of soap and water by coming in and out of house while we are washing. Often, an empty home means no cars in the driveway for us to worry about or in the way. Just be sure to close your windows and unlock any gates before leaving. You can also choose between electric, gas or diesel wash, read everything on this page. Besides, isn’t this why you hire a service? So you can do other things to save time. This way, you get other chores or play time activities done while we work. We send your invoice via email after we are complete. No need to worry about trying to arrange to be here to get us paid. You pay with a credit card or mail a...

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What is the height of my house?

Q. How many stories does my home have? A. Most of the time, this is an easy question to answer. For us, we are most concerned with total overall height at highest point of the house. Some of you might have what you consider a two story home. But if it is sitting on a walkout finished basements, we consider it three stories high. It is that height that makes a difference for us in determining a washing price. You can imagine how much more wash area an extra story of height can add. As well as the extra effort to reach a third story versus a two story home. Related.. How many square feet is my...

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How do you calculate the area to be washed?

Q. How is the square footage determined when estimating price for pressure washing my house? A. We use the homes interior square footage of living space plus any attached Garage. If you don’t know your square footage, we can figure it out for you. Generally add 250 sqft for one car garage and 500 sqft for two car garage. This method gives us a guide to figure average exterior surface area that actually gets pressure washed. Most folks know their homes living space square footage but wouldn’t be aware of how high and long exterior walls are. We feel this number is the easiest for customer to provide to quickly and efficiently get a price quote. Since we know average wall height per house level, we are able to give a fairly accurate estimation. Related.. How many stories is my...

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