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Whiskey fungus
Whiskey Fungus on Vinyl Siding in Frankfort KY

Why is it called whiskey fungus?

Distilleries release ethanol into the atmosphere during the process of distilling and aging liquor. Whiskey fungus is called whiskey fungus because it was first noticed growing on and around distilleries in Europe during the 1800s.

What is whiskey fungus?

Whiskey fungus is a black fungus that grows when ethanol is released into the atmosphere. Technically, it’s called Baudoinia compniacensis.

What does whiskey fungus look like?

Whiskey fungus appears as black dots, spots, and stains, often on the siding and gutters of a home, on a car’s roof.

Why does whiskey fungus grow around distilleries?

Whiskey fungus flourishes around distilleries because the process of distilling and aging liquor discharges ethanol into the environment. The whiskey fungus uses ethanol to grow.

Why is whiskey fungus a problem?

Whiskey fungus causes staining and damage on the surfaces on which it grows. It damages homes and cars and diminishes property values.

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Whiskey Fungus Cleaning Services

Quick demo of our Pompano Beach mold removal ability to clean vinyl siding of even the worst molds and fungi.
Whiskey Fungus or Baudoinia compniacensis.
No pressure washer is even needed. We simply use our toolsmaestro pressure washer to aid in the speed of detergent application and rinsing. Low pressure equals safe!

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Whiskey fungus cleaning before
Whiskey Fungus Cleaning Before
Whiskey fungus cleaning after
Whiskey Fungus Cleaning After