Commercial cleaning highlights

Welcome future customer! First Choice Power Washing is the leading cleaning expert in the area. Over ten years in business. This very website ranked #1 by google as the best search result for anything pressure washing and cleaning related in Kentucky! Our knowledge of exterior cleaning is matched by NONE in the area. In fact, […]

Exposed Aggregate cleaning Lexington KY

Driveway we recently cleaned. Did a quick video trying to explain why we use higher gpm machines and the surface cleaning equipment. Better results and lower cost to customers! Pressure Washing Lexington KY

Dirty roofs can be seen from space!

The roof’s impact to your cub appeal is the most dramatic of all curb appeal factors. As seen in this sattelite image, the black algae stains are even visible from space. First Choice Power Washing LLC™ can help you regain your curb appeal. Simply contact us and we will be glad to discuss your options […]