Quite often, folks believe that we don’t offer commercial pressure washing due to the vast amounts of residential washing we do. However, this is far from the actuality.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Doing the Dishes!, Commercial Pressure Washing,
Satellite Dish Cleaning

We offer and perform quite a bit of awesome commercial pressure washing. From simple sidewalk cleaning of shopping centers and restaurants to large factories, we wash them on a regular basis.

While commercial washing does require a separate skill set and often, more diverse equipment, our staff is trained to perform these services. Equipped with hot water pressure washers and trained for safe lift usage, the techs are ready for your pressure washing needs.

Among our clients are Fayette Mall, UK Healthcare, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, Jim Beam and more. So, you see, we do a variety of pressure washing projects. Industrial, retail, restaurants, agricultural and of course residential homes. We have even done some pretty cool stuff like cleaning the Television Station’s Satellite dishes!

Tank washing
Tank cleaning
Industrial Pressure Washing
Industrial Pressure Washing
Stadium Bleacher Washing
Stadium Bleacher Washing
Commercial Pressure Washing Truck